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Bioinformatics workshops presented by the University of California, Davis Bioinformatics Core

2012 Data Analysis & Visualization using R (September 19-20 2012)

Our fall 2012 course on Data Analysis & Visualziation using R will be held September 19-20, 2012 sponsored by the UC Davis Bioinformatics Core. With high throughput biological data sets growing exponentially both in size and complexity, extracting meaningful information from this data requires not only programming skills, but also understanding of the analysis workflows and visualization tools. Knowledge of these tools is vital; they help to condense a large amount of information into a comprehensible story. The latest and most robust tool available is the R programming language. It allows a complex view of complex data to be worked with quickly, and provides pipelines for outputting charts which tell the story of science in meaningful ways.

This course will introduce ways to address the challenges of complex biological data sets using R tools and Bioconductor: a set of packages specifically tuned to bioinformatics. The ideal participant is someone with programming experience (not necessarily in R), but has no hands-on experiences on managing and analyzing very large data sets. The course will cover R language basics and features relevant to the challenges presented by large biological data.  This includes efficiently loading data into R, basic exploratory data analysis with workhorse R functions, and graphical visualization. The data analysis workflow from raw data to functional inferences and biological networks will be conducted using real world genomics and proteomics data.

Previous programming experience is helpful but not necessary, as the workshop is geared to bring novices up to speed using R and its tools. Class size is limited so please register soon to reserve your seat.

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